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At last. Here it is. Our much-awaited collaborative project that started so casually as a team trip to CHA and L.A. last February. We were inspired to share our grand adventure with you, and it just kept growing until, well......

Click this link (or the left sidebar icon) and see what we put together for you. It is so rich with inspiration, anecdotes, imagery, templates and how-to's- made by all of us- just for you. Loveliness.


To celebrate the launch, some of us are gearing up to post giveaways on our blogs. Rebecca. Pam. Teresa. Carolyn. Mine is the Jewelry Keeper project- made anew just for one of you. So, please sign in here with a comment and enter the drawing. And of course, we are hoping you order a copy today. I just know you'll want it to be landing on your doorstep as soon as possible. xoC....!

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