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Busy here wrapping up details and kits and menus and door prizes for the class Saturday. The weather was terrible over the weekend so it kept me indoors burrowing through the studio and stash in search of bits to share next weekend. Those felt cottages are so fun to decorate. And then there are all the surprises arriving in the mail!

When I was in St. Louis, Mary and Phil had a bunch of us over for dinner. (Her stunningly cute house is even cuter when it's full of old friends laughing, catching up, playing Apples to Apples!) She just sent me some signed goodies to give away.

Pam did the same. And I kind of want to keep it, but of course, absolutely will not. There might be more at Silver Bella. I'll save up for that.


Heather from Speckled Egg sent packets of millinery and beads and charms to sew onto the cottages. And something is coming soon from Janice at Papier Valise. You know that Beth from eliwill is sending a beautiful handmade necklace and my shop friend Stephanie is contributing some of her fabulous costume jewelry. I'm adding some things to the table too.

Speaking of fantasy cottages. I mentioned last post that my mom had a cottage in Carmel 20 years ago. She and her husband Charlie named it Nevertheless after the punchline of a favorite joke. The houses there don't have street numbers- they have names and it's a royal pain trying to send something UPS to a house without a number. Anyway- I painted up a tile sign that said Nevertheless and Andy framed it in a wooden plaque. (That was right about the time that Country Living did a story about my hooked rugs and clocks and handpainted tiles.)

When Mom sold their beloved cottage after Charlie died, she intended to take the sign with her - sentimental reasons. The new buyer said that would be a deal breaker. So, of course, she left it behind. For different reasons we have often wondered if it's still there.

Well, what do you know! A few of you wrote and offered to go find out!

Fast as I could, I google mapped the street and found it. The very kind and diligent Marianne took her camera and actually went and looked for it last weekend. And reports that yes, it's still there! The sign hangs out front.


Remarkable. So .... since I had that google-earth link, I went over to Mom's and we visited the cottage, took a google walk down the street, turned right and went all the way to the beach. We stood in the virtual sand, looked over at Pebble Beach and the cliffs, then out at the ocean.


It was completely fantastic! And just a little too much to take in.

Thank you so much, Marianne, for your touching kindness and for sending us back to that happy time. It was bittersweet. In the nicest way.

Next post is the promised 600 giveaway. Come back soon. xoC

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