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We are so overwhelmed with the amazing response to the book project. Postmark L.A. was received beyond our greatest expectations and thank you so much for the outpouring of support, enthusiasm, sweet words and orders! (I think lulu.com might be a touch overwhelmed too.) We thought the fun was over when we said good-by to each other that last morning in L.A. Hardly! The delight just keeps growing and reinventing itself each day.

Walking by these bowing tulips, so exquisitely reaching for the sunlight this morning (thank you, dear Vanessa!), I thought about the way things rush by, how much there is to stop and think about. I know enough to be grateful for the moment- however long it lasts. Thank you all so much.

As soon as I finish it, the Jewelry Keeper will be going off to Natalie for her comment about the book on May 15:  Can't wait to see it!!!  But if you ordered the book, you can easily make your own because it's a simple how-to project included inside.

And there will be other treats to share here as well as on the partnering blogs and shops. Stay tuned- there is more. Of course. The moment lives on. This is just too much fun. xoC

parade season

Postmark L.A.