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Happy to say that all the kits are away in the mail and the design project underway. (Thanks for the kit love. And yes, I'm making more.) Mo is spackling the walls so we can paint her room later and the garage sale is a Go, in all senses of the word. Takes a lot to get me into sale mode. I'm really bad at those decision-making moments about little things I once cared about and should let go of now. Big things too. For instance, my first car. Mellow yellow, same vintage as this roadside model in the parking lot of a Michigan antique barn. See what I mean? Wish I'd kept it....maybe if it had been red....

Speaking of not wanting to let go. The Art Party in February and the success of Postmark LA was so amazing that we planned a second art adventure together with the idea of another getaway and maybe another issue. Any excuse to keep having that kind of fun really. And we had the perfect opportunity: CHA in Chicago. Rebecca, Carolyn, Teresa and I came in from the far corners, met in the middle and tacked on a few days in southern Michigan at a country cottage by the Lake.


The whole experience was an inspired escape full of day to night art-making, talking, laughing, dreaming, exploring, collecting. Which brings me back to the garage sale. I have to make room for all the things made and discovered in Michigan. Gotta find places for every little bit of the newly precious, coolest-ever because I don't want to forget anything we shared. And if we do another.....

Thinking there's more than enough for me. Leave a comment and I'll pick a name and something to send.

Just think. It could be you.  xoC


plus this and minus that

cart full of fun