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Clyonsbabydeerboxts_1Thought you might like to see these options on the baby deer nest...in a cigar box and in the same cigar box with a different backing. One set-up fits the mantle, one is kind of a movable scene. I have tried it out everywhere. For some reason, this makes me feel so much like Christmas.

Clyonsbabydeer6ts_2Also felt holiday-ish trimming the tree last night while the kids watched the football game and told me where I was missing spots. They did help- Mo put the lights on and Maggie climbed up to get the topper in place. Our tree is a pathetic gimme that was actually too close to the house and now cut down to make room for an ornamental. Long story, I fought for it, but didn't win. The tree had this deprived 3 sided top that the tree man snipped off for us...Lady do you have a tight corner you can back this into? Well, yes, that's all we have and this sad, spriggy tree with super unfriendly needles fits fine in my opinion. The rest of the family thinks it's lame and that I am too cheap to buy one. Frankly, I do feel some responsibility to this tree and am totally unwilling to put it at the curb only to buy another which will have its own imperfections anyway. So, I'm going to love it, make it proud and defend it for the next few weeks. Then we will put it in the yard for the birds who used to love it so.

I was lucky enough to get on the list of contributors making quilt squares for the Kims. I am working on Sabine's pink quilt-- feeling so inspired and honored to contribute a 12" square to something that will bring such comfort, starting with us, the makers.

Additionally, The Kim Family Benefit Auction website has a preview posting of some of the extraordinary art and craft to be auctioned January 3-7 for the family.

The next tagbook spread needs to be posted soon. Getting to it-- I am, I am.

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