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jojo and family


Choosing a category to organize these posts is tough sometimes. Don't really have that fully covered yet. And there isn't one to fit this, so I put it in 8-9 am, the time of day when I painted this. Do you recall the posts about Jake and my sweet neighbor coming to my rescue with the memory box she made for him? The box that I am still afraid to move for fear his collar will jingle inside. But that gesture meant so much to me, that she made it for us. Sadly, Nancy and her family lost their dear little JoJo this summer. There was so much love in this tiny Pom, the tiniest dog I had ever held- or painted. Until now.


Meet Laila and Charley, teensy twin sisters and relatives of JoJo. It was hard to get a picture of them, wiggling with so much puppy love and excitement. Together they look like a pair of furry bedroom slippers ready to scamper across the room- in opposite directions. How quickly we fall in love. "Happiness walks runs on busy feet."   xoC

my garden at the ny gift show

the storybook purse