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The big day has arrived and my little world is sound asleep. Two out of three girls are home, the oldest, Erin, expected to arrive later in the day after a long drive. There is lots to do, but I actually have a small part in the food production. Maggie has taken on the turkey. In fact, she found one that spent a happy life running free on a farm .....4 hours away from us! Her dear dad enthusiastically supports her natural approach to food and drove up an hour to the drop-off point to pick it up since she was at work in the city. She is also making butternut squash lasagna and plans to spend the entire day in the kitchen. Erin made sweet potatoes at home in Boston and sent a picture of them - pre-drive. They look delicious and marshmallowy sweet. I am in charge of the pies and the table.

And the youngest, Mo, is safely home from college for that first freshman holiday so full of excitement and stories to share. We have all missed her so much this fall. Having her fast asleep at home again is my Thanksgiving.

But....as I am writing this, the village fire horn went off and she bolted out of bed to rush to the firehouse (yes, in her pajamas,) blue light flashing on the dashboard. So much for safe- tucked away- all ours for the day. Whatever the call is, she might not be back for hours. Hoping it is just a smoke alarm, she could be back in an hour or so, but we never know. The fire department is her second family, her band of brothers, and she has missed them as much as us. There will be some hanging out at the firehouse afterwards once their gear is stowed again. Prayers that it is nothing serious, that no one's holiday will be remembered for tragedy.  And that Suzanne's turkey didn't blow up in the deep-fryer on the back porch.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Update-- It was a casserole on fire. Tough way to start a holiday. She is back home - where else? Sleeping.

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