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My favorite part of the M-F mornings is when Maggie comes down to the kitchen to get her coffee and run out the door for the train to the city. The outfits she puts together give me some kind of serious mommy thrill....the little girl who went to school in mixy-matchy duds and now her lovely business style that makes everything look amazing- professional but hip. We still shop Salvation Army together. I would choose something that is way too dowdy on me, but on her, it's so cool. So this morning, she wears my old skirt that made me feel like my mom. On her, it looks awesome. The lacey tights, high-heeled boots, shiny white belt, big earrings. I would never do that! Can you picture her going, jeez mom, quit it! What's with you and this blogging camera madness?

I went to the NY Gift Show today to see what the new game is in the gift market. I thought of her when I put my church sale picks together...vintage sweater, glittering junk jewelry, Jackie O swing jacket. She was long gone by then. I think she would have looked me over and said okay, you can do that. Interesting how I wait for that now, for the approval. The 3 of them know what looks good, what doesn't. I am sometimes a little off. Like the way Mags used to put plaid workshirts with pink flowered shorts...when she was 3. I remember a friend with me watching her come down the steps when she was that little. The outfit was so random and wild. I started to say something. My friend saw it coming and stopped me, "No one is going to think you picked that out. Let her go. She thinks it's cool." So glad I shut up on that stuff. What did I know?

I just returned from a 6:00 dinner, getting into pj's for AI, uh, Friday Night Lights (got my days mixed up). Early bird dinner, TV and bedtime. How things change, but kind of stay the same too.

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