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I said I would be better at this this year. What happened that I have been so long away? I had the flu, the new dog, a slew of deadlines. And I'm prepping for Vermont which is right around the corner. Very excited about that! The days just fill up so fast and sometimes there isn't anything to report that's interesting at all. I haven't had the camera out and really, it's just a big toss in here. 

I can say that I'm furious with the writers for Downton Abbey. Really! What a cheap shot to stir up some drama. Absolutely unnecessary. They should really just focus on Lady Violet, Isobel Crawley, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Patmore. I love them, their crisp view of the world and the way they say what needs saying. Don't you think they would have fun taking tea together, sharing quips about life?

They should write that scene into the script. 

Or anything that doesn't involve violence against women for the sake of a new storyline. You're losing us, people!

~ cranky Charlotte

to vermont, with love

happy new year