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three amigos


It's just been a few days but they have already fogged together like the weather. In a good way. Friday's post seems like a very long time ago. Dede arrived and we spent the late afternoon around here talking and walking in village neighborhoods that she always loves to visit- gourmet food shops, antiques, thrift and gift. Anyone else have a friend who flies in for a visit and then buys and cooks dinner for you? (** She does the same for my tag sale...in the fall, she flies in, prices all my stuff, arranges it and sells it for a few days. She thinks it's fun. I take her out to eat and send her flowers.)

Dinner that evening was so yummy- Andy, Dede and I at the candlelit table well into the night talking about the old days. They both worked at the trading exchanges in Chicago, but didn't know each other; he traded bonds at the CBOT, she was a floor broker at the Merc. That alone explains some of my awe of Dede (and why she can also manage a tag sale like it was a lemonade stand.) In a man's world she started trading commodities in the pit when she was 24 or something and did it successfully for 10 years. It was interesting to watch the two of them relive their days of big trades, movers and shakers, days in the pit with a lot of paper to fill...whatever that means. I never really understood the concepts behind that industry but the people stories were and are fascinating. When I met Dede she was way past that career and then an antique dealer and personal property appraiser. I bought all her cool treasures, we started shopping together, were pregnant at the same time...and best friends in about 5 minutes.

Saturday Dede and I went back to the airport to get Anne (!!) and then headed directly for Brooklyn. Anne is my across-the-street-neighbor from Oak Park near Chicago. I spent almost every day with her for 5 or 6 favorite years when our kids were young. Another inspired adventurer, she is always Anne, the secret ingredient. Time to explore new territory. I've lived here for years and have never really checked out Brooklyn --although one year we walked across the bridge to celebrate our anniversary, had a glass of champagne and walked back. On Saturday though, our driving adventure took us to the Brooklyn Art Museum and a special exhibit on Annie Leibovitz. Pretty wonderful --though too crowded and lots of the images are collaged in a huge wall display, so small, it's crazy hard to get close enough to see them among so many people. The big pieces are beautiful.



But we all liked the idea of exploring Brooklyn so in spite of the grey, grey drizzling skies, we walked around the neighborhood. A fire truck passed and the firefighters waved when they saw us. Must have looked like we were having fun-- we were.



We found a late lunch at a delightful bistro and the food was incredible. We were the only ones there and it was all for us!


Different route home, we took the Brooklyn Bridge -- pretty eerie. I would have rather walked across it I think. Something about NY bridges still makes me tense up driving across them. When I first got here I ended up on bridges that took me to far away shores I wasn't seeking -- more than once -- imagine paying $5 to cross a bridge and turn around and pay the toll to go back again. But I found my way to the right roads on the other side and was glad to head north again. We stopped off for evening refreshment at the beer barn to take back to the house and just sat in front of the fire chatting for the rest of the early evening -- kind of all we did anyway until midnight after that.



I feel like I am writing a report about what I did over summer vacation. Truth is, I really want to be back up there by the fire with Anne and Dede for this last evening together. Maggie is here too and they are laughing about something. I'm going to get to the rest of this travelogue including the flea market tomorrow after they have gone home. Really--I have the rest of the week to bring you up to speed...so TTFN. xoC

sunday flea market

floating away