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o, thrift!


I get teased a lot for never going anywhere, for staying at home all day, every day in my cozy house and craft cave. Everything I need I get in my little town. Going a mile away is a big adventure. I think about it. But the world at large beckons from time to time. I resist. I say yes and then look for reasons to cancel. My car died in my driveway and was towed to the auto repair a mile away where they replaced something important. It came back to live in the driveway.

But town doesn't have it all. No thrift. Night before last I said out loud that I was afraid to go across the county to my favorite thrift because my car might break again and I would never get home. Laughter. Yesterday I committed the morning to that necessary excursion, went ahead and got on the highway and soared across the county. I like driving on the highway and imagined that I could go as far as Boston to see my Erin and John Paul.

Stuck to the plan, I went to the ginormous 3 story Salvation Army Superstore. Visiting that neighborhood is fresh air- I love the diversity, edginess, urban, un-suburban-ness. Had a blast thrifting inside....vintage coat for Erin, vintage sweater for Mags, stacks of wools to felt. Dresser boxes in a funky 60's fabric, old children's books. Sooo, so fun. Green price tags were half off and most of my stuff was green. The check-out lady even gave me something for free because she said it was a rag, its main selling point. I wanted to pay for it, but she said no. And then I went out to the car and guess what? It was dead. 17 miles from home. Dead, so dead, not a chance. 15 degrees out and I waited for 2 1/2 hours for a tow truck, sitting in my car watching the world go by. I battled with a rude driver, made friends with the meter maid and read a thrift book. The ride back in the tow truck was so scary I honestly thought we might die ....twice.

But really, what was that for? I could have stayed home with all the junk I already own, sat by the fire and done anything else. Was it because I said it out loud? Did I invite the gods of adventure to doom my happy outing? Or was it the lord of stuff saying I had enough, in fact too much? Or no bargains without seriously paying somehow? In a few months, town's spring church sale starts up, the best sale ever. And I can walk to that.

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