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It's my birthday and I wanted to share these pretty gifts with you. The flowers are from Suzanne, dropped off early this morning. She is so sweet to think of me- after all she did for the wedding. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly thank her for that!

I used to grow cosmos like these in my Chicago garden, those tall spindly stems and blooms are still sentimental heart-stoppers. Aren't they beautiful? Suzanne often shops in the city at the Union Square Farmers Market. These are from Bernadette's River Garden stand, grown upstate in Catskill, NY.

The laces are part of my stash, just sorted and updated with new additions from the church sale.


Teasing you with those because first, they are gorgeous and then also because I'm planning to share them with you at the cottage class. Mmmmmmmm!

Off to bake a cake now. I like my own cake recipe much better than the bakery's and we're having a family dinner here tonight with my mom. I haven't celebrated my birthday with her on the actual day for as long as I can remember.

So, there's that wish come true! xoC


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