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sweet mountain holiday :: five


I am so touched by your kind comments, emails and thoughts regarding Mom and her party. Thank you so much. There are days when I'm not very sure I'm handling all this correctly - hovering, as I'm inclined to do. But she does seem to be happy and I have to say that we are both enjoying this time we have together. After so many years apart, it is a gift. 

Speaking of gifts, back to the simple handmade gifts of the season. Now that we are totally snowed in, these home projects are perfectly suited to the last few days approaching the holiday. 

One of my most favorite gifts ever was a set of buttons that Erin gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

My father didn't have many personal things. When he passed away, there wasn't really any thing of his that I could have to cherish in that sentimental way that a child would. His wife offered me his eyeglasses. I wish I had said yes, but in the fog of it all, I didn't- actually, didn't say much of anything at all. I wasn't aware of it, but Erin had a set of buttons that my father, her adored and adoring Grampa, had given to her. Beautiful monogrammed gold buttons that he had worn on a blue blazer as a young man. One was missing, so the set was incomplete and tucked away in his dresser drawer.

She put them on a card she made and gave them to me for Christmas a few years after he died. In the greatest tradition of handmade Christmas, a true gift of the heart. And, yes, there was some serious sobbing, gratitude, memory, love, joy.

That gift inspired this simple project. Perhaps you have a few buttons that belonged to your grandmother or your parent or your someone special. And perhaps you have a photo, too. Put them together to make a sentimental button card. Stitch the photo to a tagboard back covered with vintage wallpaper or fabric or handwriting from a letter. A few buttons across the bottom and a ribbon border make a sweet little memory collage. If you add a hanger to the back, it could be an ornament. Or use it as the focus of a small shadowbox.

Or simply do what my wonderful Erin did. Write the dearest message on the back and put it in an envelope. Be prepared with a well-stocked tissue box nearby.

Merry Christmas everyone! It's almost here. xoC

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