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Some time ago I did a post and an article for Cloth Paper Scissors about collages made from bits and pieces of leftover scraps on the worktable. I love leftovers, including the smallest pieces of nearly nothing. Composed in an orderly grid with every little thing in its place, that kind of collage is a satisfying project.

I was thinking about those today.


Remembering that some bloggers were inspired to make them too. I think their pieces are so lovely, each with their own styles.

It's a good project for summer. For vacation. For porch tables and souvenirs and children and friends.







Then today when I was visiting Amy, I thought this could be the next incarnation of that small, delightful grid for creative play. Or perhaps, Rebecca's wall of inspiration. Or Pam's tablecloth. Or Alicia's darling pillows.

And while I visited Alicia I saw that she posted today about the waffle window which is the same place where we met her for breakfast in Portland after Artfiberfest. I believe that's the same waffle creation I had that day. Mmmmm, good day. Everything about that breakfast with Alicia and Pam was memorable.

So now I'm moving on to thinking about waffles. Still have the little box.grid.squares, just filled with different sweets.

Blueberries on waffles for dinner.

the invitation

getting my feet wet