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the invitation


Besides sharing the wedding planning with Erin and John Paul, we have welcomed helping hands from dear, generous friends. The invitation was designed and handmade by our Oak Park friends, Robin Winge and Michael Dinges. It is so incredibly beautiful. Can't even put into the words the feelings I had when ours arrived. 



(Apologies that these photos aren't sharper. Can't get them to load without distortion for Typepad's format. So frustrating.)

I love the colors, the marbled paper strip to represent the river and the combined cultures, the concept of the sleeve holding 2 cards, differently sized, each with a different color ribbon. The beautifully scripted font. The repeated text in Spanish. Even the stamp is a perfect fit.

It is the loveliest invitation I ever saw. Thank you so much, Robin and Michael. For this, your generosity, dear friendship and your great affection for Erin and John Paul. xoxo

flower power to the rescue

four corners