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I thought I would make a flickr mosaic but I've never done that and it was easier to look around in here. I'm still working on the Stitch project and a few others. One of them is serious sorting. My studio needs a major make-over, but I think it would end up looking just like it does now. Wouldn't hurt to edit a bit though. Stay tuned for some of that.

There was a thing on the Today show this morning about wearing the same 6 wardrobe items for 30 days. (All washable, of course.) My family would howl over that one - seems like I wear the same 6 items for 365 days, give or take a sweater or two.

Got me thinking though. What if I had only 6 materials to work with for 30 days. Which would I choose?

stitch book all stitched up

progress, of sorts