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sweet mountain spring :: three


I've been felting and cutting up lots of sweaters lately and I always try to leave the cuffs in tact. Sometimes they give you ideas. Small ones. Bigger ones. 

This little felt cup is made from a ribbed cuff that came off the sweater with an unexpected ruffled top. It had such a graceful shape and sort of suggested its own new form. I folded up the cuff edge (now at the bottom) to get a proportioned height and then cut a small round of plain sweater from another part of the same sweater. With matching thread, I whipstitched the bottom round into the bottom of the cuff (all parts very forgiving and easy to adjust). To make it a little sturdier, I cut a few inches of a paper towel core to slip inside. (That would be prettier wrapped in a sheet music or book text. Note for next time.)


Then just decorate it with whatever you have.

That forget-me-not spray came right off a hat in the millinery trunk and slipped neatly into the rolled bottom cuff edge. A little vintage sparkle and a pretty ribbon around the middle pulled it together to finish. No end of possibilities there.

And if you happen to have a turtleneck on that sweater..... or another.....


make a felt bucket!

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