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sweet mountain spring :: five


Thanks so much for all the nice thoughts and kind words. So glad you are stopping by for inspiration and I love to hear what you are up to creatively. It keeps me going too.

Remember when I made this for the Sweet Mountain Holiday series in December? And I decided not to cut anything because I knew I would take that wreath apart some day and reuse the doilies. Just got around to that and while walking around with a stack of beautiful pieces in my hand, I'm wondering, what else? where can I use these now?

Here. Just one doily, dropped onto one shoulder of a sweater, tacked on with matching thread.  And then get out the covered buttons, my favorite collection! But don't sew them on too fast.


Move the doily around. Try different buttons.


Maybe a bigger doily... a runner.


Maybe just white buttons.


Too many options now. I think I like the first one best which must be why it's up there first.

Confession: I didn't sew anything on and I will never wear this. Truth is I cut the right sleeve off ages ago to make that.

Church sale season is coming. Sweaters piled in the Clothing tent. Doilies in the Linens room. Buttons- wherever you are lucky enough to find them. Oh, joyous spring! xoC

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