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sweet mountain spring :: two


This was a prototype I made a few years ago that didn't make the Spring collection- probably because it's one of those things that's so easy to make yourself. Still pretty sweet though and makes a cute gift tag or card idea. Hang it on a basket; make it into a placecard. Or make it really big and hang it on the wall or door.

Start with 2 pieces of chipboard, cut in an oval shape. On one piece, cut out an egg shaped center like an oval doughnut and pink the outer edge so the backing piece will show a bit around the outside. Dry brush the top piece- the frame- with white paint. I rubbed it quickly with a paper towel after painting to give it that rustic, sanded look. Add polka dots with a cotton swab (which works well on eggs too). Dip and dot.


Then decorate the frame with scraps of rick rack and a flower spray at the top. Kind of looks like a big Easter egg, right?

On the backing oval: paint it a contrasting color and add a piece of decorative paper where the frame opening is. Pierce 2 holes in the top of the frame through both layers. Fish a ribbon length through the 2 holes from the back and tie a bow on front. Slip in a spring photo or a vintage postcard. See what I mean- So Easy!


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