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grateful :: friday


Grateful that none of us are interested in shopping or being part of the general rush of madness that is the feverish headline today. And what a heartbreaking headline it became as the day wore on. This tragedy in a WalMart where shoppers trampled and killed an employee - and then another crime scene in a ToysRUs.

I heard that breaking news on the radio earlier while cleaning my mother's apartment. Erin is here from Boston for the holiday (which was wonderful!). She and I joined forces today and then split the tasks. She took my mom to the grocery and I cleaned her apartment. Erin returned with a dismayed report about the rude shoppers who refused to make way for an elderly woman with a cane.

Seriously, I'd rather be on my hands and knees vacumming the back of the closet than be in a WalMart or in a ToysRUs or even in a grocery store. Is this really the beginning of the holiday season? Give. Joy. Love....what about Compassion? Can we please put that on the list- somewhere near the top.

Actually, I'm all for skipping the list and snuggling on the couch some more. That's enough for me. As is often the case here, it's handmade again. This year for sure.

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