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sweet mountain holiday


Sometimes I make something and it is just so special that I wish everyone could have it. Over a year ago, I made a little snowman out of a moth-eaten, cashmere sweater. Decorated with my Boo Radley assortment of precious bits, he was mighty cute -- just the right expression on his smiling snowface. I made friends and family for him, lined them up on the mantel, added felty trees and ornaments. Some had tags for gift giving. It was quite a scene and captured the essence of what we like to do as a family for Christmas-- make our own gifts out of things here so we can stay home and be together. It was easy to imagine a vintage house full of excited children living on a rambley, snowbound farm somewhere, crafting with the treasures they found in the junk drawer, shed, barn and scrap bag. Their hilltop was called Sweet Mountain and the holiday joy inside and out was pure delight.

Well, today is the first day of the Atlanta International Gift Show and the showroom debut of my adorable collection for Midwest/Seasons of Cannon Falls. My dear little snowman is there with all his friends and a little bit more!  Sweet Mountain Holiday is definitely a dream come true...sharing my designs with the world, licensing on the A-list with the most wonderful team and company, seeing my studio creations come to life, and having 3 whole pages in the catalog between Jennifer Murphy and Nicol Sayre. Sweet, indeed!


So, my friends, when you go into your neighborhood holiday or gift shop, please ask the buyer to request the catalog or visit the showroom, and order up a bunch of cuties for next year. They are even worthy of staying out all winter. Hoping that next year you can have a Sweet Mountain Holiday too!

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