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saint louis touring


We went to St. Louis last weekend for a wedding extravaganza. It was delightful to be with old friends, and the wedding was absolutely lovely, the crisp clear colors of this citrusy wall and the bright white. I can't show you much more or blog about it though because it will be in the magazine sometime soon. Hmmmmm, so, so pretty though. And fun. (By the way, my Oopsy Daisy paintings are in the current issue. Yay!)


We joined up with our dear friends, Jeff and Anne from Chicago and gave them the local Saturday tour of our favorite spots in STL. First, the arch which has settled into its park setting since I was there last. The trees have grown up along the paths, much more at home than when I was a kid and they were like party toothpicks stuck in the grass. But you don't look at them so much. It's an UP view.



Soulard Market isn't far from there. Andy and I used to go there every Saturday morning for our marketing when we were first starting out at home in the neighborhood. I still remembered the live chickens. The eggs and honey. The bustling crowds of shoppers.


1soulrd7 1ballady7 

I spent a lot of time watching the balloon lady and these adorable pigtails that look like the sculpted balloons.

We stopped off at the new City Museum.


It reminds me of the movie Hook and the Lost Boys' wonderland.

1helmtman7 1wall7 1flor7

Speaking of wonderlands.


This is the spot where we sat under an umbrella and happily simmered for the rest of the afternoon. Our urban hotel for the weekend, where we spent our wedding night decades ago- which also happens to be around the corner from our old house. We used to come here to swim on hot summer days when Erin and Maggie were very little, before the hotel was all gussied up again. Glad they did that though, and that we had the chance to go back and see it all again. I love it there still. Well, yeah, no kidding, who wouldn't? Iced tea anyone?

Home is where one starts from. ~T. S. Eliot

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