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Mom's moving truck arrived yesterday with something like 81 items. Andy and I spent the day with the movers negotiating the elevator and the boxes and cartons and crates and pads. 7 hours of unloading for a one bedroom apartment! Mom directed the flow from her chair and kept saying - o, that goes in the bedroom. No surprise that after the first hour that room looked like the inside of the moving trailer so we started building towers in the living room. Thankfully, Andy is brilliant and organized- everything had a category and corner before we left late last night. The many, many boxes marked home decor kind of worry me though. Like mother, like daughter.


That's where I'm headed today (and tomorrow and every day for awhile). Called my sweet, generous girlfriends who have been waiting for their moment. We're off to attempt a Snow White reassembly. (Already unpacked a case of wine.) I know it will be beautiful when we finish. Mom is in love with the adventure, the apartment and the spectacular view of the Hudson.

Fingers crossed. Baby steps after this first giant leap.


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