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photo courtesy of Nicki Dwyer

Halloween was quiet in my neighborhood. It used to be the best spot for trick or treaters, but town parades and busier, better blocks with more candy per square foot get the action now. We have lots of little wrapped sweets left over. Not a good thing for us, especially since Andy bought it early and opened the box early too.

This morning's inbox had an email from a neighbor who is collecting all the extra candy and sending it on to Operation Shoebox. I love that idea! And I love the timing here just before the holidays to begin thinking of ways to GIVE. So, pack up that leftover candy and anything else you can donate and send it to the troops. No postage required. The post office will give you a free shipping box. O, this feels soooooo good!

The photo above was taken by my dear friend Nicki. 25 years ago, that would have been one of our little ones dressed up in front of her house or mine. She just launched a blog about her historic neighborhood in the Central West End of St. Louis. Over the weekend, I helped her set it up and figure out the tricky Typepad templates to get started- so much easier after you have been using it for awhile. I'm excited for her to join the party.

Off to the post office with those kits (thanks!) and all the candy. Do it today... it's dangerous sitting in that basket by the door. xoC

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