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recycled napkin rings


Last year I admitted that I don't cook much for Thanksgiving. I made the pies and then kept busy with table-setting. Over the year though I noticed that the image for the place cards- crafted last minute from scraps in the drawer- was very popular with readers. Here I am again, up against the holiday event and wanting to inspire you with something crafty after all those family posts. And it looks like more quick and simple papercrafts to keep me out of the way of those who seriously cook here.


As I often do, I looked first in the recycle bin for materials to start with. Aha! These napkin rings are from paper towel rolls. We only have one today because I try not to use them- I'm a fan of washable dish towels. But if you have one, flatten it and cut 2 inch sections with a pinker. Keeping the pieces flat-ish (they'll look less like what they are and won't roll on the table), then just decorate them with paper scraps....pretty ones like sheet music and handwriting.


Add a phrase or guest's initial letter snipped from a cut-up book. A piece of ribbon makes a colorful place to add a word or two. But kitchen string or baker's twine would be lovely too, especially if it is wrapped around many times.


No end to the ideas once you start.


Wallpaper bits, yarn, fabric, buttons, letter tiles, faces from old photos, laces, charms, things found in nature.


A sailing pin for him or a just-found-in-Omaha favorite brooch for her.


Wishing you all a happy, happy holiday with your loved ones. Hoping you get to enjoy the little things like the crowded kitchen, table or couch. I do think that's the best part, especially when they help me with the dishes. xoC 

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