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decoupaged holiday saucer


Our holiday decorations are still all tucked away. I can't imagine when we will have the time and space to get them out- maybe after Mo arrives home tomorrow, weather willing. We have enough decorations for our whole block I think, but it's always the ones we make each year that I love best.

This little saucer was in the drawer I keep for tiny trinkets that I am reluctant to really pack away. Looking at it now, I see that it is one of those easy crafts we all appreciate this time of year. I started with an old glass saucer and did the same thing I did here once before. The saucer is a beautiful demi-tasse size antique with ripples in the glass and tiny chips around the edges. No cups or finger bowls, but a stack of them at the thrift shop gave me lots of options. For this one, I trimmed out a copy of an old postcard. With Mod Podge I centered the image in the round of the saucer recess- on the back face-up. Then I just added a second round of gold tissue the same way- face-up on the back. When it was all pressed into place- wrinkles and all, I trimmed around the edges of the plate. I like the wrinkles, they add to the quirkiness and age of the whole thing. To make this into an ornament, twist a wire loop and tape it to the back with another paper layer or two decoupaged over the tape. A final layer of Mod Podge is a good idea as a final sealer. This kind of craft is perfect for children. Take those holiday artworks or their letters to Santa or a copy of their holiday photo and try this on a larger glass plate. Each year you can add to the collection and soon have a plate-rack full of memories. xoC

I just updated the shop to include noteflats with envelopes of 2 of my collages. The kits are nearly sold out-thank you!- trying to decide if I should make more. More on that later.


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