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summer fridays :: textile necklaces


Earlier this summer I played around with some of the white to natural textiles I have right here in the studio. Summer necklaces! Light - as in barely there, natural, soft on the skin, upcycled materials and very pretty. 


Here's how to make your own. 

Tear or cut some strips anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4" wide. (I do love to tear fabric. It makes thin fabrics twist in such a lovely way.)

Use pearl cotton or linen cord and thread an 18" length on a needle.  


Then just "jeugge" it up on the needle- otherwise known as shirring. 


Make a few strands using that method and layer them as in draped pearl strands. Wrap the ends with thread, adjust the length and add a lobster clasp. Or make a button closure with a loop.

Try mixing different style strands of shirred, lace, twisted or braided fabrics. 


While you are looking through that precious box of Saves, is there any crocheted pillow trim? 


Ten minutes and you're out the door looking like you spent your day off shopping at Anthropologie. 

But you didn't. You were having way more fun with your Summer Friday. Making your own!

Most new discoveries are suddenly seen things that were always there. ~ Suzanne Langer

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