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what I'm really worried about ....



We're all set for Irene.

I guess. 

Spent the day stocking up, stowing outdoor things (Maggie has her glass top patio table stuffed into the back of the car!), moving the last of the basement items up high. We've had an eerily quiet and strange afternoon of normal with the promise of a body-slam barreling toward us.

Some of you on FB know that we have all our cherished, but outgrown Lyons' American Girl dolls on Ebay.

East coast power outages from the storm could get in the way of that Sunday night final auction wrap-up closing. That would be unfortunate. All these years sitting in Sleeping Beauty storage and their big moment is totally eclipsed by a hurricane?

Yes, still worried about those looming willow trees. And my basement filling up with water ... and the roof blowing off ....,

but tonight, we're talking Dolls.

Our lovely, sweet, pretty dolls.

I'll let you know as soon as I can how it all works out with Irene. Thanks so much for all your thoughts and emails. xo


batten down the hatches