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batten down the hatches



(the neighborhood after a "big rain" last March)

I had a few things in mind to post about, but Irene is stepping in front of that.

Mo and I managed on our own through Floyd in '99 (Andy was away). We lived right on the Hudson then and the whole place flooded in the space of two hours - building groaning, windows rattling, water rushing under doors. Shoes floated down the hallway like little skiffs. The two of us were the only people still there in what was essentially a three-acre factory warehouse of darkness and water. A long terrifying night.

This time, here we are all cozy in our tiny house a bit up the hill - under towering (and swaying) willow trees beside a flood-prone creek out back. 

We'll be better prepared this time. Candles to stitch by and all the other stuff too. I'm glad I spent my summer emptying the basement. 

Click to enlarge the image below. We are just above the top of the map on the river. Serious times. (The Times reported that they are closing the subways for fear of the above-ground cars rocking in the wind!)

Just hope those trees stay standing. Right where they are.



what I'm really worried about ....

mr. america shapes up