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to the city


One day last week, Mom's caregiver, Larisa and I took Mom to the city on the train. I've driven her in, but the train experience seemed a little daunting. We had all talked about it for awhile, always planning, never doing. But now that she's feeling so well, it was time. What a good idea!


The Hudson Line is a spectacular ride itself on any kind of weather day. Even if we just had lunch in the station, changed tracks and rode home again, it's not a bad way to fill an afternoon. 



Grand Central is full of energy, excitement, food and shopping. Right outside the door is 42nd Street with the somewhat slower pace of August. Bryant Park is just a few blocks west.


Where they were having a mid-day Broadway Showcase. We arrived in time to hear the last of West Side Story, a family favorite! Really!

At that moment it all kind of got me. Looking at Mom- so beautiful, so happy, hearing the music, being there in such a lovely place. No time for tears. It started to rain just a little. So, how about ....



... lunch under an umbrella at the Bryant Park Cafe. 


Quick visit to H&M where the current trends are very Grammy right now! (She snagged another cheetah tote and a new favorite cocktail ring for $5.) Her kind of fun, for sure.


Gelato and people watching before the train home. 

If we sketched it out beforehand moment to moment, it couldn't have been better. It was so easy, so good for all of us, really. And she hasn't quit talking about it. 

Next time, we're going uptown to Rockefeller Center. Or maybe to the Met.


We did it! High five! 


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