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home again


Home and refreshed after a quick weekend getaway with old friends. We had so much fun just relaxing on a slow, easy pace. Home-cooking, thrifting, catching up. I took my camera but didn't manage to take it out of my bag much. Sort of forgot about it. Yesterday in the Times, there was an article about a group of neuroscientists hiking deep into the un-serviced wilderness where they paddled and camped while discussing the effects of an unplugged existence. Of course, we know what they discovered. It's good to get away.

But it's always good to come home again too. One of the first things I unpacked yesterday is this beautiful afghan crocheted by my friend, Dede especially for Maggie and James and their new house. She entertained us for dinner over the weekend and presented me with this gift to bring back to them. Isn't that so sweet?!


Here in my own wilderness of sorts, the tablescape of kits and other bits to ship is the project for the day. Thank you for the orders! I love that kind of catch-up.

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