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just ducky


Well, Grammy's big birthday bash was scrubbed because poor Maggie was in the ER with appendicitis. So, right about the time we were supposed to sit down at the fancy, schmancy restaurant table, she was going into surgery and there we were. In that tiny waiting room I have come to know and love.

I know just where to curl up with my knitting, find the little cups to refill the water dispenser, where to sneak out for an updating phone call, and who to ask for cheerful, immediate attention. That's nearly everyone at this fabulous little village hospital which I am so grateful for. She was always in very good hands.

Erin came in from Boston for the party - my big surprise for Mom. As it turned out, her sister (and our whole anxious gathering) was very happy to see her brighten the scene. We were one of those obnoxious families, filling the tiny triage room with outbursts of laughter and too many people, not to mention the repetitive barrage of questions for the various doctors.

Thankfully, Maggie is doing well and recuperating at home with lots of TLC.

And Erin and I slipped away the next day to take Grammy to lunch at the same riverside restaurant. It was actually much nicer in the daylight, snow gently falling, the river rippling with broken shore ice and barges forging through, a quieter crowd which meant she could hear us. We had a lovely time. Erin hopped on the train back to Boston and everything settled down to the kind of normal we expect.

Thanks so much for your sweet birthday wishes for Mom. She is perhaps the most resilient person I have ever encountered. She feels special and loved and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Today, everything is just ducky. xoC

Note- my friend sent this video to me. The cast is very much like those from our experience- everyday folks who do their jobs with quiet dedication, kindness and a comforting smile.

warming up in here

80, but really more like four 20 year-olds