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saint nick night


I was checking up on my friends in Omaha this morning and saw Teresa's post about her effort to comfort her family with the traditions of the season. She wrote about St. Nick Night which brought back a happy memory for my family too. That was one of the traditions we picked up from friends in Chicago when the girls were little. Putting their shoes by the door with the promise of a little surprise the next morning seemed such a gentle celebration of excitement and holiday anticipation. And one year, it was the memorable tale of the season for us.

Mo was three that year. After dinner, she watched her sisters each bring down a pair of shoes and set them by the front door. Fascinated, perplexed, she asked Why? An excited Erin explained the reason- St. Nick would stop by late that night and leave a treat that they would find in the morning.  Mo spun around and rummaged in the closet for her snow boots and put them next to her sisters' shoes, much larger versions of her own tiny feet. We went on about our evening routine, Mo playing with toys while Erin and Maggie did homework in the kitchen. Suddenly we heard little footsteps going up and down the stairs- more than once, up and down, up and down. We all got up and went to see what the little mischief maker was up to. And there she was- putting the finishing touches on a tower of shoes, every pair she could locate. She lined them up two by two from the front door to the kitchen door. The delight in her face completely revealed the logic of her plan- no need to even give it words. Yep, let's put out every shoe we own! Why stop with one or two? You just never know how generous the guy might be, right? Let's find out!

That dear little pixie with her wild plans and big ideas, always surprising us with something. Our favorite St. Nick Night ever. It was so nice to remember that today. Wishing you all a cozy weekend of holiday celebrations, of any size or sort- where those you love stay close, the very gifts we cherish most. xoC


(P.S. forgot to mention that my December class is tomorrow at Tinsel Trading. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hi. We'll be in The Store Across the Street, making felt ornaments. I think the class is sold out, but the store is so, so fun to visit. A snowy Saturday in Manhattan at Christmas-time, kind of miracle-ish on 38th Street. Come see.)

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