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art effect


One hot day we walked to the art museum in Cartagena. It was in a building from the Spanish colonial period of the 17th century with spectacular walls and ceilings, old stone, brick tile roof, wood timbers. One of the smaller galleries held the work of Cecilia Porras (1920-1972) who was a native of Cartagena. I loved her paintings and drawings- only 4 of them. It wasn't until I started editing my photos that I saw this snapshot, taken later that day at the fort.


I followed this bird all over the fort while the boys looked down all the tunnels and turrets. When I thought he would fly away (though he didn't), I stepped on a ledge to get a little closer and saw this whole panorama of the city behind him. Aha. Great shot, but gee, kind of weird when I looked at her painting again.

This painting of hers was my other favorite....and in my camera was this shot taken later that night at a restaurant.



Not a prize winner, but wow- there it is again. I think I would have taken both of these photos anyway...standard favorites- birds, flowers, both so dramatic in this setting, but the way I framed the shots, it's something to think about. Maybe I was just primed to notice each after looking at her paintings. I don't know, cool though.  I always wonder where my "brilliant" ideas begin and know that it's usually in work I have admired and studied -most often vintage, but not always. Even casual observations fill the hopper and emerge as new parts of something else in technique or design. Certainly that's one of my creative processes whether it's a walk in the woods or a gallery. Is everyone that way?

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