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It's hard to believe it's over. What a fantastic event so full of perfect moments and busy, memorable days! I said something to Barbara about it being like a wedding- all the magical events within the whole. And they were amazing! Mary and Barbara set the stage for a luxurious weekend that made it seem as if we had stepped into an illustrated fairytale. Teachers and students alike, we all felt like Elouise (or Ann Estelle) at the Plaza gliding down the corridors of the elegant hotel to the next fun thing. 

From beginning to end, it was uniquely its own creative experience. Happily, I saw many friends from blogging, licensing and other teaching retreats- always love that! My dear friends Nicki and Anne were there to help me. Both classes (never done before) were a hit, each filled with talented and willing students ready to run with the project. I'm always so impressed with the interpretations of the model and how much I have to learn from the artists at work. This event attracted lots of creative arts professionals and they truly inspired all of us. Teaching is probably my favorite thing to do- I feel very comfortable in that role, but I can honestly say that I often felt as if I should take a seat at the table. It was a Craftaganza!

So this is the Cuckoo Clock class I taught the first day. Hotel lighting is never good for photos and I was so busy that I didn't take enough pictures, but here's a little sample. Starting with a kit and instructions for this .....


And moving straight on to ....

I loved the way that Jen changed the bird to a dinosaur in her clock window. She carved the little stamps and brought them with her. Fantastic!

Janet brought paper print-outs of her new fabric designs. Perfect, right?

Julie was also working toward a clear vision of her own. (So happy to finally meet my blogging bud after all this time!)


Inventive uses of paints and carved potato prints.

And accents generously provided from Anna Griffin, clock parts from Walnut Hollow.



We figured out how to skip the sewing for those who prefer glue.


Overnight Linda worked on hers in the room and returned with this masterpiece for the Show ME table at lunch. Gasp!

Have to take a breath. Not quite finished with the recap....tomorrow, the Folding Travel Tray class. 

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