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One of the things that surprised me about blogging is the instant community it builds. I spend many days alone in my studio designing and making little cuties. It really is what I enjoy, but I found myself talking to one of my creations today, asking it what it wanted to wear. Oh, dear, time to get out for a walk with the dog, maybe go to the store.

Then I saw this basket of dollies, all nations and generations of vintage. They sit nearby and get to decorate the tree once a year. In the meantime they just sit waiting, all cozy and sweet in the basket. Four of them are ones that I made. Two for the Christmas tree in 1980. One for the dollhouse in 1985. And one more wild thing doll made for me in 1989. I think I actually wore it pinned to a jean jacket. That might have been the year of my perm....a hair-don't. The dolls are almost antiques now and one has a scrap of fabric from a maternity dress I made.

Still love them though and the whole bunch reminds me first of my girls, all grown and gone. But just when I feel a twinge of sadness I remember that they will be home soon. And then when I look at them again I think of this new world I landed in. Happy to be here-- in a basket of bloggers, all nations and generations supporting each other with care and kindness. Thanks.

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