winter birds ornaments

winter birds ornaments


A new version of my annual stitch and cut ornaments!

Stitch these cheerful little birdies, then cut them apart and back with felt, paper or fabric to make ornaments or gift tags. Each one has a different place to embellish the bird shape and maybe practice a little stitching. Or you can always just outline the bird shape with backstitch. Fun project to do with children.

You will need a small hoop, needle, thread, felt, scissors and pinkers to finish.

Stitch all the birds on the fabric (I used red pearl cotton sz 8), then cut them apart loosely. Finish by trimming each close to the edge - about 1/8" away from outside bird edge. (Use sharp embroidery snips for that.) Then use a little tiny bit of glue to gently attach each bird to a piece of colored felt. Cut the felt -backed birds out once more with pinkers. Make a thread hanger.

Overall panel is 9 x 12" printed on quality cotton. Each bird is about 3" wide finished.

Design is copyrighted, protected and intended for personal use only.

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