little cottage sampler

little cottage sampler


This was my first stitch design for Etsy and some of you have asked if I would relist it. It makes a sweet little project and would be pretty worked into a quilt square. Or hoop and stitch the cottage alone. (The photo shows it inside a 4"hoop.) Trim the background fabric with a margin to fold over, finish the back and hang on the wall.

It's a peaceful way to spend an afternoon practicing stitches and adding your own color to this little cottage!

Printed design comes to you on 100% cotton. Design itself measures 5 x 7". Panel measures 7 x 9".
Use your own floss and favorite colors to make it your own. Thread not included, but I recommend Cosmo embroidery floss!

(**** This listing is for an unstitched print on cotton. You will need your own tools, floss and a few basic stitches like the back stitch and satin stitch. All my samplers are offered as unguided experiments in color and stitch preference. The sampler does not include thread or stitch instructions (or the sewing props shown in the photos).

Design is copyrighted and offered for personal use only.

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