into the wild stitch sampler (blue)

into the wild stitch sampler (blue)


My latest stitching sampler in bright colors! (There is another listing for the pink version and also a plain uncolored version that you could stitch up in one or many colors.)

I designed this with the idea that you might want to stitch your own words or a name in the center plaque. Makes a cute baby, graduation or wedding gift. At the bottom of the panel, there is an alphabet and a method for creating your words. Super easy to do! (Don't want words? Pick a part of the design and trace and transfer that into the plaque.)

The panel is 100% cotton and measures 12 x 13". The design is 8 x 9". Stitch the colored sections or the outlines or just the words you add. I am using simple stitches like back stitch, chain stitch and satin stitch. Whatever you want!

You will also need a good embroidery needle, floss or pearl cotton, a hoop. (See the 3rd photo.)
I use a piece of plain muslin the same size as the panel so I stitch through two layers.

(**** This listing is for an unstitched print on cotton. You will need your own tools, floss and a few basic stitches like the back stitch and satin stitch. All my samplers are offered as unguided experiments in color and stitch preference. The sampler does not include thread or stitch instructions (or the sewing props shown in the photos).

Design is copyrighted and offered for personal use only.

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