I bring you love sampler

I bring you love sampler


You choose the colors and use your favorite stitches to work the design for a pillow front, quilt block or framed piece.
This design has my favorite elements :: a sweet girl, birdies, a bunny, mouse, pup, kitty and of course, a cottage.
The message across her skirt hem was suggested by my daughter :: I bring you love.
Stitch in the date to commemorate the year or fill in the basket with stitches - your choice.

This design is 8.5 x 9" screenprinted in blue on 100% cotton panel 12 x 13". (This listing is for an unstitched print on cotton. You will need your own tools, floss and a few basic stitches like the back stitch. All my samplers are offered as unguided experiments in color and stitch preference. It does not include thread or stitch instructions.)

I recommend a same-size piece of muslin for a second layer backing. Stitch through both layers at once for a prettier front that doesn't allow the backwork to show through.
I use pearl cotton, sz 8, but regular floss works beautifully too.

��� My favorite stitches are back stitch for outlines, satin stitch for filling in, running stitch (and double running), daisy stitch, couching, feather stitch (aka goose tracks) and french knots. Sometimes I go back and weave another color through a stitch like the running stitch. Experiment - find the ones you love too.

Design is copyrighted and not transferred in any way through purchase. For personal use only.

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