homebodies sampler

homebodies sampler


This is me. Me and two friends.
We stay at home because we like it best there. We're homebodies.
We stitch, knit, make things, drink coffee or tea (and wine), wear bunny slippers and just hang out in the place we like best. Home.
You too? Join us and stitch this sweet design. Put the kettle on and pull out the bag of embroidery stuff. Start stitching.

The design is screenprinted onto 100% cotton measuring 9 x 10" and the cotton panel is about 12 x 13". Pop it into your embroidery hoop and stitch the design with your favorite colors and stitches. (This listing is for an unstitched print on cotton. You will need your own tools, floss and a few basic stitches like the back stitch. All my samplers are offered as unguided experiments in color and stitch preference. It does not include thread or stitch instructions.)

I place a second piece of muslin behind the panel and stitch through both layers using pearl cotton Size 8 and a lot of back stitch. Other favorites here are the satin stitch and daisy stitch. (The chain stitch was perfect for braids and curly hair.) You only need to know a few stitches to complete this - it's much more about color and texture. Any embroidery floss will do.
When finished, I used my fabric line, Tilly (Blend Fabrics) and added a patchwork border for a pillow - which is, of course, at home.

Would be pretty framed too.

Design is copyrighted and offered for personal use only.

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