camilla sampler

camilla sampler


"Camilla" is a stitchable sampler design printed on a cotton panel. Just place it in a hoop, choose your own colors and stitches to fill in the design as you wish. The idea is to enjoy the little decisions along the way and have a good time playing with your thread stash. (The first photo is my original that this design is based upon. So pretty as a pillow framed out in my Tilly fabric collection for Blend.)

Design of flowers in a bowl is printed in white on a linen-colored cotton panel. Design area measures about 8.5 x 6" and the 100% cotton panel measures roughly 13 x 10". (This listing is for an unstitched print on cotton. You will need your own tools, floss and a few basic stitches like the back stitch. All my samplers are offered as unguided experiments in color and stitch preference. It does not include thread or stitch instructions.)

**** You can use any embroidery floss.

I used pearl cotton size 8 on this design.
As a stabilizer, I stitch through two layers of fabric. The backing is a plain piece of white muslin (not included).

**** My favorite stitches are back stitch for outlines, satin stitch for filling in, running stitch (and double running), daisy stitch, couching, feather stitch (aka goose tracks) and french knots. Sometimes I go back and weave another color through a stitch like the running stitch. Experiment - find the ones you love too.

Design is copyrighted and offered for personal use only.

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