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We're all set with the details about the upcoming January weekend getaway. It's January 30 to February 2 at Meleen's houses in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont about 4 hours north of NYC or an hour away from the Albany airport.

One of the things we will do is introduce you to rug hooking. Meleen and I are both experienced rug-hookers, although we have different techniques and styles. I have designed and hooked rugs for a few magazines and my books and I used to speak to rug hooking groups around the country about technique and design. Meleen has filled her homes with her own beautiful rugs - and they are gorgeous. 

Vermont in the winter is magical, cozy and adventurous! How much fun will it be to sit around the fire in our pajamas, drinking coffee and chai while we make things?! Then we'll have one more scone or piece of pie while the soup simmers and bundle up for a walk around the corner to the antique center just as it starts to snow again. (Okay, we can't actually promise snow. But we can promise pie.) And when we get back .... the art room will be waiting with more creative play to come. I'm gathering inspirations to design a special sampler.

The cost is $595 for three nights and days at Meleen's fabulous side-by-side houses with all the delicious home-cooked food, crafts and local adventures of the season. Airfare is not included but we'll pick you up at the airport and take you back again. There will be swag and handmade gifts. And lots of sweet new friends to meet including some who came last time.

Check out Mary's blogpost here for a nice testimonial about our October weekend. 

If you'd like to come, please write to us at fallvermontgetaway(at)gmail.com. Registration is open through that email address. 



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