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a skirt



Well, it took me the best part of the week. I made a new skirt.

I drafted a pattern based on the favorite skirt I wear all the time as soon as the weather warms up enough. The skirt that makes me feel thin and young and goes with every tee shirt I have. The skirt that makes me stand a different way, walk a different way. I remember the day I bought it 5 years ago. I don't think I even tried it on. The fabric is getting a bit weary in spots. I'm not going to show you that skirt, an impossibly high standard for a copy.

This skirt. Was a struggle. Making a pattern for something so simple was so hard. I wanted all the features of the other skirt. Fitted waistband and flat, ungathered top, side zipper, darts in the back, partial lining on the top. Gosh, that was harder than I thought. At least I'm glad I recently got reacquainted with zippers.

The skirt project took 5 full days. One to get the courage and commitment, start drawing the pattern on newsprint. Another day to adjust and make it from muslin. Another to fret over adjustments, dig in again and cut it out from my fabric and start sewing it together. *An evening to consider cutting it up for a quilt because it was huge and frumpy and looked like I was auditioning for a chorus part in Oklahoma.

But there was finally a last day when I took it all apart, cut it down to fit and rebuilt it. It fit. I washed it so all the parts would relax a little and learn to belong to each other. I tried it on once more and decided it could stay. 

You know I love the fabric. I hope that makes me want to wear it. We'll see. 

Audition date TBA.

june workshop at mary's

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