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Monday morning has bustled everyone out the door. Sitting down here, I am tempted to have one more coffee in the sun and watch the backyard birds jockey for their spots on the feeder. A new pair of wrens yesterday had all of us hovering at the window.

But Monday is Monday. I'm working on a few new things in the studio - holiday fabric designs and a new stitch project for spring to summer. The studio itself is a wild wreck, but it's good to see some progress on everything. A tidy studio isn't really good for much except the invitation to start.

I've had a number of email requests for stores that carry my fabric collection, Walnut Hill Farm. It's only recently started shipping and I just linked to a list of current stores in the left sidebar. I'll try to keep the list updated as it changes.

Other news- I'm teaching two new classes at another Mary Engelbreit workshop in Saint Louis June 9 and 10. Details to come as the site goes live with the information in the next few days. 

Back to work on the stitch project. If it warms up, I might drag that chair outside and stitch in the sun this afternoon. Watching the birds will be perfect inspiration for the colors and stitching details. 

stitching for spring