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Before that old house of ours was pink, it was blue. I'm working this favorite for the second time and making it feel all new again with some different colors and stitches.

We had a busy-to-lazy weekend here. A new birdfeeder was installed for my birthday. Within 10 minutes, the chickadees claimed it as their own. Today it's a flutter with so many excited little birds included the tufted titmouse. I took my mom out for some much-needed fun and then spent a lazy Sunday stitching, watching football and baseball inside a full house. We were treated to a feast of Mexican foods prepared by John Paul's beautiful mother, Mariluz. While he was home in Chicago last week, she packed an entire cooler full of love for us. Salpicon served on tostadas and pambazos filled with chorizo and potatoes. All so delicious! I loved watching Erin prepare and finish these regional dishes with the skills and flair that Mariluz has lovingly taught her. She's mastering the traditions with her own tomatillo sauce!

On my list for this week in the studio is prep for Quilt Market, now just a month away! Just behind that is my next teaching event at Mary's studio in Saint Louis, November 12 and 13 (Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Workshops). Still spots available for one or both days. Funny how the calendar kind of mashes up around a few big dates and the months start to feel like passing cars. Time flies and all that.



Another reason to visit Mary's site is to sign a petition of sorts to bring back the Home Companion magazine! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Mary's got a plan .... but she needs the votes. If you have a second, stop by and add your name to the growing list. Power in numbers. Pass it on or as Mary would say, Shout it from the rooftops! 

why i love teaching

last night of summer ... with wilco in central park