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kitty, kitty



Even though we don't have a pet of our own, I'm the default caretaker for a few family cats, one being my mom's new pal, Mr. America. Seriously, is that the greatest name ever? Such a peaceful loverboy, an older cat with a dear disposition, he spent 5 years in a local shelter before I came along and chose him for Mom. Doesn't it break your heart to think he sat there for so long? Well, he's loving his new home, all the room to roam, the affection and attention.

Sadly, Mr. America came with some serious health issues which we are addressing this week. He's back to the vet tomorrow and I'm hoping he comes back to us stronger and healthier.

In the meantime, I'm almost out of things to stitch here. So, with that on my mind, this is a sneak peek of what's to come. A new sampler, so sweet and chock full of fun places to play with color and threads. Need a little more time to work on it first, but I'm pretty sure you'll like it too!

summer loves :: one

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