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I was going crazy trying to identify a birdsong that is everywhere in the air around the house for weeks. The only word I could come up with to describe it was a "twittering" sound, but you know that got me nowhere searching the internet.

I started to think maybe it was a tree frog. But today I saw it, way up high on its tree perch and I glimpsed the silhouette with the binoculars. I do believe it's a chipping sparrow though at first I thought it was a worm-eating warbler. They sound a bit the same. (Use the listen button on the links.) Can you see why it was hard to describe? Much more the second track of the chipping sparrow though not sewing-machine-like at all, in my opinion. It's a twitter!

Also- this little baby bird image is from the bib I made for my guestblog at Amanda's. The how-to is over there and here is the link for the free PDF pattern. I should mention that the bib is really hard to turn right side out as suggested in my instructions. Next time, I would leave a larger opening at the bottom perhaps and do it there, finishing with a careful blind stitch to close. Today, I like this quote I used in Mothers and Daughters at Home:

There's always room for improvement - it's the biggest room in the house.

~ Louise Heath Leber

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