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stacking up



Spring brings plenty of projects every year. This year it's all about the wedding which is now only 10 days away. We've got lots of things stacking up here- to make and do. It's been wonderful though and a very organized process thanks to Maggie's hard work (and spread sheets). She has thought of every little thing and it promises to be elegant and lovely- in a simple, stress-free way. Just worried that it will go by too fast!

My mom is making great progress at physical therapy and spends the last part of each session practicing walking down the aisle on her therapist's arm. They wave to us like royals, turn and go back again the other way. A little dancing side to side (tricky way to get her to walk sideways and backwards) and she's good to go. So excited!

A few notes for you-

I'll be closing the Etsy shop for awhile as we get closer to the day. I have lots of samplers here ready to go now. 

I wanted to tell you about my friend, Marcie's new blog, Mossy. She is a neighbor and maker of things. Her blog is beautifully presented, generous, informative and heartwarming. I know you will love it.

And this would be right up her alley- a sweet felted egg project and cute tutorial found recently through Amanda's Loving list. Darling!

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