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bringing comfort



The beginnings of spring have been rough here. Our little village is reeling from shock and grief after two families suffered heartbreaking losses. I saw a patch of daffodils by the road at a stoplight last night, the yellow blooms swaying like little lanterns in the dark. I could only think of those who would not be able to enjoy them. They arrived too late. 

Early last week Andy started to organize a calendar of delivered meals for one family. With the help of another friend, they decided upon the online organizer, Meal Train as a way of streamlining the effort. It has worked so well. All you need to do is email invite those who might be willing to help and they can choose their dates, describe the menu and even return to edit all that later. The custom meal train indicates the number of people eating, best drop-off time, contact info and food allergies. What a smart concept. 

Certainly, it has helped all of us too.

The good news is that another friend is slowly improving after major surgery. When she comes home, we'll have a plan of action all good to go. 

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